Terrance Dicks – Doctor Who and the Mutants

Jon Culshaw reads this gripping novelisation of a classic adventure for the Third Doctor.

The Time Lords send the Doctor and Jo on a mysterious mission to Skybase One in the late 30th century, from where the Earth Empire governs affairs on the primitive planet Solos.

Yet on the eve of their independence, something is happening to the Solonians: their hands are becoming claws, and their skin is changing to scales. Why are they gradually turning into monsters?

The Doctor and Jo soon discover that the natural order on Solos is threatened by the ruthless Marshal and his scientist Jaeger. Their dangerous quest has only just begun….

Author: Terrance Dicks
Narrator: Jon Culshaw
Duration: 4 hours 15 minutes
Released: 18 Apr 2010
Publisher: BBC Digital Audio
Language: English

User Review:

omission collegiate

this story was engrossing and had quite a few well established characters. my only complaint was loosing track of whom was speaking. the narration switches from first to third person inexplicably at times, but i believe this is a source issue and not a problem with the narrator.