Terry Golway – Frank and Al

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the Democratic Party was bitterly split between its urban machines – representing Catholics and Jews, ironworkers and seamstresses, from the tenements of the Northeast and Midwest – and its populists and patricians, rooted in the soil and the scriptures, enforcers of cultural, political, and religious norms. The chasm between the two factions seemed unbridgeable.

But just before the Roaring Twenties, Al Smith, a proud son of the Tammany Hall political machine, and Franklin Roosevelt, a country squire, formed an unlikely alliance that transformed the Democratic Party. Smith and FDR dominated politics in the most-powerful state in the union for a quarter-century, and in 1932, they ran against each other for the Democratic presidential nomination, setting off one of the great feuds in American history.

The relationship between Smith and Roosevelt, portrayed in Terry Golway’s Frank and Al, is one of the most dramatic untold stories of early 20th-century American politics.

Author: Terry Golway
Narrator: Danny Campbell
Duration: 11 hours 46 minutes
Released: 18 Nov 2009
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Language: English

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wingspan smoked

Ive listened to the DHI podcast for a long time. Was looking forward to the audiobook and it did not disappoint.