Terry Goodkind – Witch’s Oath

Richard knew that there would be no help coming. It was all up to him to stop the threat or Kahlan would die.

They all would die.

Nine companions – Richard, Kahlan, the witch woman Shale and six Mord-Sith, Rikka, Vale, Cassia, Nyda, Berdine, and Vika – are hunting a warlock in the waterlogged depths of the People’s Palace. It will take all their skills to close on their quarry, but do any of them understand the true power of a Witch’s Oath?

Witch’s Oath is the fourth episode in Terry Goodkind’s new serial novel, The Children of D’Hara. Told in irresistibly intense installments, this is the story of a world confronted by an apocalyptic nightmare.

Author: Terry Goodkind
Narrator: John Skelley
Duration: 5 hours 52 minutes
Released: 20 Jun 2001
Publisher: Recorded Books
Language: English

User Review:

interrogator unmarked

Always an exciting read. Terry Goodkind is a master of suspense. Can’t wait for the next one.