Terry Nation, Dennis Spooner, John Lucarotti, Gerry Davis, Ian Stuart Black – Doctor Who: The Lost TV Episodes Collection Two

Four more thrilling soundtrack adventures from the early days of Doctor Who, featuring serials lost from the TV archive.

The pictures may be lost, but each of these stories survives as a soundtrack recording. Remastered, and with additional linking narration, they can be enjoyed once more.

In The Daleks’ Master Plan, the Daleks have stolen the Time Destructor, and are threatening to destroy the fabric of time itself. Pursued across time and space, the TARDIS crew are in grave danger.

In The Massacre, the TARDIS materialises in Paris, 1572, a time of danger and religious strife. When Steven witnesses an execution, he believes the Doctor has been executed in front of his eyes.

In The Celestial Toymaker, the travellers arrive in the domain of the Toymaker, where failure to win a series of games could result in them becoming playthings for eternity.

In The Savages, the TARDIS arrives on a distant and seemingly idyllic world, but the Doctor, Steven and Dodo discovers that it hides a terrible secret.

Special linking narration is provided by Peter Purves, who also recalls his time making the original episodes in a bonus interview. Also included is an edition of BBC Radio’s Archive on 4 from 2009.

In Doctor Who – The Lost Episodes Shaun Ley investigates what happened to the missing episodes of Doctor Who from the 1960s.

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Author: Terry Nation, Dennis Spooner, John Lucarotti, Gerry Davis, Ian Stuart Black
Narrator: Peter Purves, William Hartnell, Jackie Lane, full cast
Duration: 11 hours 36 minutes
Released: 19 May 2009
Publisher: BBC Digital Audio
Language: English

User Review:

vantage yearly

I know the Whovians are going to come and try to take away my nerd card for this, but I just can’t stand the 1st Doctor with all his hmms and mmhmms and generally-excitable-old-man tones. Remember when Yoda was pretending to be a goofy old coot to test Luke? Imagine that, but all the time…all of it.
I put up with it for quite a while because the story started out okay, but then the good guys fool the bad guys and escape…and the story just keeps on going, except not in an “oh, you thought they were home free? Well, THINK AGAIN” sort of way, because they transition to a different friggin time period AND a different location where the biggest threat is annoying the police. I kinda wanted to see the baddies get theirs, but not enough to wait for the story to remember where it was going with all this.
Also, right after the first episode, there’s an interview chapter where they spoil a whole bunch of stuff – what the hell, guys? Some of us are experiencing this for the first time and don’t really appreciate the premature reveal.
What really killed it for me though was the Doctor – I don’t mean to disrespect the memory of the actor, but I personally just couldn’t warm to his “eccentric old man” schtick.