Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins – Apollyon

The Tribulation Force is gathering in Jerusalem, where thousands of the faithful are receiving crucial teachings from their leader. They must be prepared for the fourth Trumpet Judgement prophesied in Revelations. Soon, even the sun will be affected, and a plague of anguish will be released on earth.

As the Tribulation Force continues its dramatic struggle against evil, Apollyon offers stunning apocalyptic visions. Richard Ferrone’s riveting narration captures the suspense of the physical conflicts and the drama of the spiritual challenges. When Left Behind, the first book in LaHaye and Jenkins’ inspirational saga, was published, it attracted millions of fans worldwide. Since then, each succeeding book has joined it on best seller lists. Apollyon, the fifth volume, is a thrilling continuation of the battle between the followers of Christ and the forces of Nicolae, the Antichrist.

Author: Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins
Narrator: Richard Ferrone
Duration: 10 hours 28 minutes
Released: 3 Dec 2012
Publisher: Recorded Books
Language: English

User Review:

biplane airless

This book has been non stop engaging. I truly enjoy how the narrator reads and changes his voice to fit each character. Great job. On to the next one!!!