Tim Lucas, Warren Bird, Carey Nieuwhof – foreword – Liquid Church

In today’s fluid culture, many churches are adrift – longing to reach spiritually thirsty people, but failing to make an impact. Have you noticed?

Congregations are stuck or declining.

Millennials and Gen Z are walking away.

Volunteers and their generosity are drying up.

Is your city, town, or neighborhood spiritually dry?Do you long to see more of the living water of Jesus flowing freely through your community, generating a fresh wave of ministry momentum?

Buckle up: You’re in for a whitewater ride!

Liquid Church tells the fascinating story of a New Jersey church that began “on accident” and grew into one of America’s 100 fastest-growing churches, with over 5,000 in weekly attendance and more than 2,400 baptisms to date. Their secret? They harnessed the power of six powerful ministry currents sweeping across North America including: special needs, creative communication, ministry mergers, compassionate cause, radical generosity, and leadership development.

With powerful stories and scriptural insights, backed by national research, Tim Lucas and Warren Bird describe dozens of fresh ideas, new ministry wineskins, and hard-won leadership learnings that resonate with rising generations in today’s “show-then-tell” culture. Each chapter includes practical tools, real-life examples, and links to “Other Churches Making Waves” with cutting-edge ministry ideas designed to help saturate your city for Christ.

Ready to dive deeper?

Whether you serve a brand-new church plant, fast-growing congregation, or an aging ministry ready for reinvention, Liquid Church is an inspiring and practical guide for leaders ready to reach their spiritually thirsty neighbors – those who have given up on church, but haven’t given up on God.

Apply these ideas with the “Dive Deeper” sections available in the audiobook companion PDF download.

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Author: Tim Lucas, Warren Bird, Carey Nieuwhof – foreword
Narrator: Tim Lucas, Warren Bird
Duration: 8 hours 49 minutes
Released: 19 Oct 2009
Publisher: Zondervan
Language: English

User Review:

clustering moderate

Tons to learn about Liquids journey to being one of the fastest growing multi-site churches. It shed some much needed light into how to reach a new generation of Christ followers and helped sharpen my own toolbox when it comes to personal ministry. I love the raw truths told by Pastor Tim and the practical tool kit this book equipped me with.