Tim Tate, Brad Johnson – The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy

At 12.16 a.m. on Wednesday, June 5, 1968, Senator Robert F. Kennedy was shot and mortally wounded in the service pantry of the Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles. A 24-year-old Palestinian immigrant, Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, was found holding the smoking gun and convicted of murder. That is the official history – but Tim Tate and Brad Johnson have uncovered a different story.

After 25 years spent scrutinising over 100,000 official documents and previously unknown recordings, and conducting new interviews with key figures, they show that Sirhan could not have fired the fatal bullets – and reveal evidence of a murderous conspiracy involving organised crime and the CIA….

Author: Tim Tate, Brad Johnson
Narrator: Lewis Hancock
Duration: 10 hours 35 minutes
Released: 19 Nov 2002
Publisher: Oakhill Publishing
Language: English

User Review:

schism apparent

typical, old, rehashed disproven claims. Read Dan Moldeas book if you want the adult version of this book.