Tom Clancy – Executive Orders

Debt of Honor ends as Jack Ryan is confirmed vice president minutes before a mammoth act of terrorism kills the President, most of his cabinet, all but a few members of Congress, the entire Supreme Court and all of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Suddenly Ryan is President, which is where Executive Orders begins.

Ryan’s responsibilities crush in on him. Where should he begin? He must calm a nation, pacify world leaders, arrange a massive funeral — while he rebuilds a government as quickly as possible. But that’s not all. Enemies abroad and at home see opportunities, and they’ll soon present President Ryan with an unimaginable crisis. How will he tackle his greatest challenge ever?

Author: Tom Clancy
Narrator: Michael Prichard
Duration: 51 hours 24 minutes
Released: 10 Jul 2012
Publisher: Random House Audio
Language: English

User Review:

lab bleary

Mr. Clancy lays the ground work for a very riviting story. I love how he weaves characters from previous books into the plot. I also appreciate how the narrator, Mr Prichard, brings the characters to life. This was an excellent investment of my time and money.