Tom Clancy – Red Storm Rising

When Muslim fundamentalists blow up a key Soviet oil complex, making an already critical oil shortage calamitous, the Russians figure they are going to have to take things into their own hands. They plan to seize the Persian Gulf, and more ambitiously, to neutralize NATO. Thus begins Red Storm, an audacious gamble that uses diplomatic maneuver to cloak a crash military build-up. When Soviet tanks begin to roll, the West is caught off guard. What looks like a thrust turns into an all-out shooting war, possibly the climactic battle for control of the globe.
Author: Tom Clancy
Narrator: Michael Prichard
Duration: 31 hours 12 minutes
Released: 10 Jul 2012
Publisher: Random House Audio
Language: English

User Review:

kernel shuttered

I don’t care that it’s dated and things have changed. It is a great book. I read the book when it came out as a much younger person, and for a few years after I would retread it every so often. Then put it away, as things completely changed. After a decade or more I saw it in audible, and took a chance on the credit. I truly enjoyed it, way more than I expected. The audio version, coupled with the time and space distance, really made me appreciate what a tour de force this book was. I don’t know of another book that told a full modern war story this completely, in this much detail, and so well. I found myself driving around for an extra hour just so I could keep listening to the next chapter. Yes, it is dated. But you will not get a better explanation of what easily could have been. When this book came out none of it was farfetched. In fact it was almost too accurate, based on my recollection. But aside from all that the story telling is excellent, the pace perfect, the story compelling, and the audio performance superb. I was never a Tom Clancy fan but after finishing the book this time I was really impressed with his story telling abilities. In this book, he did everything right. I highly recommend it.