Tom Wicker – Dwight D. Eisenhower

A bona-fide American hero at the close of World War II, General Dwight Eisenhower rode an enormous wave of popularity into the Oval Office seven years later. Though we may view the Eisenhower years through a hazy lens of 1950s nostalgia, historians consider his presidency one of the least successful. At home there was civil rights unrest, McCarthyism, and a deteriorating economy; internationally, the Cold War was deepening. But despite his tendency toward “brinksmanship,” Ike would later be revered for “keeping the peace.” Still, his actions and policies at the onset of his career, covered by Tom Wicker, would haunt Americans of future generations.
Author: Tom Wicker
Narrator: Ira Claffey
Duration: 5 hours 1 min
Released: 3 Feb 2009
Publisher: Macmillan Audio
Language: English

User Review:

klaxon coded

The beginning of the book almost became its end for me. The first couple chapters are less personal reminiscences than mini biographies. If I wasn’t familiar with President Grant I would not have been interested in the book. I don’t need nor do I want a brief recapitulation of the standard bio. Towards the middle and end the book greatly improved and started to deliver on its promise. Sometimes it was interesting to note how much was revealed of those remembering instead of Pres. Grant. If only the first half could have been true to the promise.