Tony Spawforth – The Story of Greece and Rome

The magnificent civilization created by the ancient Greeks and Romans is the greatest legacy of the classical world. However, narratives about the “civilized” Greek and Roman empires resisting the barbarians at the gate are far from accurate. Tony Spawforth, an esteemed scholar, author, and media contributor, follows the thread of civilization through more than six millennia of history. His story reveals that Greek and Roman civilization, to varying degrees, was supremely and surprisingly receptive to external influences, particularly from the East.

From the rise of the Mycenaean world of the 16th century BC, Spawforth traces a path through the ancient Aegean to the zenith of the Hellenic state and the rise of the Roman empire, the coming of Christianity, and the consequences of the first caliphate. Deeply informed, provocative, and entirely fresh, this is the first and only accessible work that tells the extraordinary story of the classical world in its entirety.

Author: Tony Spawforth
Narrator: Steven Crossley
Duration: 16 hours 7 minutes
Released: 18 Jul 2011
Publisher: Recorded Books
Language: English

User Review:

acquisition teeming

A good book…but beware…as it is said in the intro mainly for won’t learn anything if you are a bit familiar with the subject…Even so…no regrets
Not one of my favorite narrator but a solid performance…