Trevor Moawad, Russell Wilson – foreword – It Takes What It Takes

Performed by Trevor Moawad with a foreword written and read by Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson

From a top mental conditioning coach – “the worlds best brain trainer” (Sports Illustrated) – who has transformed the lives and careers of elite athletes, business leaders, and military personnel, battle-tested strategies that will give you tools to manage and overcome negativity and achieve any goal.

He knows how to win. More, he knows the many ways – subtle, brutal, often self-inflicted – we lose.

As the most trusted mental coach in the world of sports, Trevor Moawad has worked with many of the most dominant athletes and the savviest coaches. From Nick Saban and Kirby Smart to Russell Wilson, they all look to Moawad for help finding or keeping or regaining their competitive edge. (As do countless business leaders and members of special forces.)

Now, at last, Moawad shares his unique philosophy with the general public. He lays out lessons he’s derived from his greatest career successes as well as personal setbacks, the game-changing wisdom he’s earned as the go-to whisperer for elite performers on fields of play and among men and women headed to the battlefield.

Moawad’s motivational approach is elegant but refreshingly simple: He replaces hardwired negativity, the kind of defeatist mindset that’s nearly everybody’s default, with what he calls “neutral thinking”. His own special innovation, it’s a nonjudgmental, nonreactive way of coolly assessing problems and analyzing crises, a mode of attack that offers luminous clarity and supreme calm in the critical moments before taking decisive action.

Not only can neutral thinking raise your performance level – it can transform your overall life. And it all starts, Moawad says, with letting go. Past failures, past losses – let them go.

“The past isn’t predictive. If you can absorb and embrace that belief, everything changes. You’ll instantly feel more calm. And the athlete – or employee or parent or spouse-who’s more calm is also more aware, and more times than not…will win.”

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Author: Trevor Moawad, Russell Wilson – foreword
Narrator: Trevor Moawad, Russell Wilson – foreword
Duration: 5 hours 25 minutes
Released: 20 Apr 2002
Publisher: HarperAudio
Language: English

User Review:

escapist waiting

I have been a Trevor Moawad fan ever since I heard his first podcast with drama. Ive been on the self help journey for a while and the lessons that he teaches seems to resonate with me the most. This book gives you a good insight on how some of the top performers in the world think and make themselves better. I appreciate the idea of neutral thinking. Ive always thought that just be positive all the time was never the answer and Im glad that Im not the only one that feels this way. Awesome book, worth the read.