Vivian Gornick – Unfinished Business

One of our most beloved writers reassess the electrifying works of literature that have shaped her life.

I sometimes think I was born readingI cant remember the time when I didnt have a book in my hands, my head lost to the world around me.

Unfinished Business: Notes of a Chronic Re-Reader is Vivian Gornicks celebration of passionate reading, of returning again and again to the books that have shaped her at crucial points in her life. In nine essays that traverse literary criticism, memoir, and biography, one of our most celebrated critics writes about the importance of reading – and re-reading – as life progresses. Gornick finds herself in contradictory characters within D. H. Lawrences Sons and Lovers, assesses womanhood in Colettes The Vagabond and The Shackle, and considers the veracity of memory in Marguerite Durass The Lover. She revisits Great War novels by J. L. Carr and Pat Barker, uncovers the psychological complexity of Elizabeth Bowens prose, and soaks in Natalia Ginzburg, a writer whose work has often made me love life more. After adopting two cats, whose erratic behavior she finds vexing, she discovers Doris Lessings Particularly Cats.

Guided by Gornicks trademark verve and insight, Unfinished Business is a masterful appreciation of literatures power to illuminate our lives from a peerless writer and thinker who still read[s] to feel the power of Life with a capital L.

Author: Vivian Gornick
Narrator: Vivian Gornick
Duration: 4 hours 27 minutes
Released: 20 Apr 2002
Publisher: Blackstone Publishing
Language: English

User Review:

endearment frigid

The author was just an average guy with a love for animals that moved from Australia to Africa for a backpacking trip and ended up staying for seven years.The stories of his encounters with lions,elephants,leopards,and birds were captivating.He spoke in a very relaxed cadence,which made it easy to follow.The stories about Rolls Royce the funny guide from Botswana,as well as the stories about the drowning and the vehicle breakdown on the way to South Africa were equally fascinating. The story about the lazy worker who discovered a snake that was longer than at first thought was another great story.You could at times feel the author’s fear,stupidity and wonder.You could feel his pain,elation and basically take a very educational armchair safari.This has to be one of the best audiobooks I have heard recently.It was entertaining and educational.My only regret was it was too short.