Walter T. Shaw Jr., Mary Jane Robinson – A License to Steal

In the 1940s, Walter L. Shaw was thinking of speakerphones, conference calls, and call forwarding. Ahead of the world by decades, Shaw spent a lifetime inventing and patenting the many means of communication we take for granted, but he was repeatedly cheated by shrewd businessmen and big corporations.

His son, Walter T. Shaw, enraged by the ill treatment of his father, began a personal mission to even the score. Shaw Jr. became one of the most prolific jewel thieves in U.S. history, while Shaw Sr., in order to make ends meet for his family, was persuaded to put his brilliance to work for the mob.

Author: Walter T. Shaw Jr., Mary Jane Robinson
Narrator: Joe Barrett
Duration: 7 hours 3 minutes
Released: 9 Jul 2001
Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
Language: English

User Review:

chronicler despised

I enjoyed hearing these writings from Darwin’s voice. The narrator is clear and pleasant to listen to.

My favorite moment was towards the end, when he mentions a love of fiction and that he often has books read to him! Very meta.