Weather Channel – Storm Stories

January 2005: Southern California is experiencing the second wettest season on record, and torrential rains cause several landslides. Three months later, Californians are beginning to think the danger has passed. But in Laguna Beach, a community set against a steep hillside, water from heavy rains has seeped into the slopes, causing them to become unstable.

As a Laguna Beach family, the Stevens, begins their day, they suddenly realize that the hillside beneath their house is giving way. The front door is wedged shut. As the Stevens work to free the door, loud cracking noises associated with the landslide awakens another resident down the street. She races to collect her two small children and runs out into the front yard. Finally the Stevens are able to break through the wedged door and escape. They watch in horror as houses begin to collapse along the street.

Author: Weather Channel
Narrator: Jim Cantore
Duration: 21 minutes
Released: 8 May 2006
Publisher: The Weather Channel Inc.
Language: English

User Review:

sportscaster halfway

This episode recalls the shock and horror of the 2005 Laguna Hills landslide and several of those affected. Some helpful tips are included as well. Another great entry in the Storm Stories series.