William Gibson – Count Zero

A corporate mercenary wakes in a reconstructed body, a beautiful woman by his side. Then Hosaka Corporation reactivates him, for a mission more dangerous than the one he’s recovering from: to get a defecting chief of R&D-and the biochip he’s perfected-out intact. But this proves to be of supreme interest to certain other parties-some of whom aren’t remotely human.
Author: William Gibson
Narrator: Jonathan Davis
Duration: 11 hours 28 minutes
Released: 9 Jan 2012
Publisher: Audible Studios
Language: English

User Review:

liquid heartfelt

I initially found this book to be the embodiment of tedium. I tried listening to it whilst on the go, which after all should be a major advantage of this format. This however proved to be anything but an advantage, as it was so easy to become distracted from the detail of the story and I often found myself zoning in and out of the narrative and wondering who these characters were. It wasn’t until two hours from the end that I really got into the story and discovered that it was really rather exciting.
It held my interest right to the end and was so good that I felt compelled to listen to it again from the beginning and WOW! what a difference. I went from only persevering with it because I had paid for it to being reluctant to put it down. It was hard to believe that this was the same book and I was shocked at the amount of detail that I had initially missed. So if you decide that Count Zero is the biggest let down you have ever received from Audible as I did, then stick with it and maybe ‘re-read’ it. You wont be disappointed.