William Tapscott – Mind Stunts: An Unauthorized Account of Derren Brown’s Rise to Fame

Millions of fans watched Derren Brown make a London cab driver forget where the London Eye is, buy high-priced items with blank pieces of paper, turn an average guy into a pub quiz champion, and otherwise amaze spectators with feats of psychological illusion. But how did Derren go from small-time magician performing in a restaurant to national celebrity and television star? Mind Stunts tells the story of the stunts that made Derren famous.
Author: William Tapscott
Narrator: Ulf Bjorklund
Duration: 4 hours 23 minutes
Released: 15 Jul 2010
Publisher: William Tapscott
Language: English

User Review:

hand mathematical

It’s just basically a recounting of Darren’s careers and shows. I don’t know what I was looking for…maybe something more about the actual stunts and how they worked (although he did go into that some). I don’t know, it just started to feel long and bland after a while. But it’s not a bad book, just not particularly compelling. Or at least it wasn’t for me. But I don’t necessarily regret listening.