William W. Johnstone – Blackfoot Messiah

In the seventh book in his best-selling Preacher series, William W. Johnstone gives his millions of avid fans exactly the kind of gritty, action-packed Western novel they look for from this prolific and hugely popular writer.

“A Messiah Shall Lead Them….”

In the Wyoming wild, Blackfoot warriors prepare for battle, their bloodlust stirred by a legendary prophet promising victory in a war that will forever rid the plains of the white man. To legendary mountain man Preacher, it isn’t a promise – it’s a threat. But being out-numbered in a savage frontier means justice will be as hard-earned and uncertain as…survival.

“….To An Early Grave.”

With a loyal Cheyenne as his guide, and a spirited Dragoon squadron for cover, Preacher forges up the treacherous Sante Fe trail. But the only way to win this war is to unmask the hell-raising Messiah whose godforsaken message is leading a desperate people into certain massacre….

Author: William W. Johnstone
Narrator: J. Rodney Turner
Duration: 9 hours 13 minutes
Released: 19 Aug 2010
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Language: English

User Review:

polity eastern

Preacher in Ancient Rome…on the frontier?!? Sorry folks, this is a sad case of our favorite Western Pulp author running out of juice. So…he delved into his dusty texts (*The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire* comes to mind) and spewed horse-pucky replete with togas and gladiators. This book was so inane, so utterly stupid, that I am considering swearing off my Preacher Pulp Addiction. Hey William W. Johnstone, as The Who said, *We won’t be fooled again.* This book was total nonsense! Please, don’t do this again.

However, J. Rodney Turner (narrator) is a voice from the past (or the cowboy apocalypse). He is amazing.