William Wheeler – Discovering America

This fascinating historical introduction to the Americas, via their first voyagers, reads with all the excitement of a 21st century blockbuster film! From the gripping accounts of Norseman Leif The Lucky Ericssons journey to the Vinland with his treacherous sister, Freydis, to the exuberant letter from Columbus announcing his discovery to the Treasurer of Aragon, the suspense is fast-paced.

Also included are Amerigo Vespuccis fascinating descriptions of native peoples and wildlife, and John Cabots sailing from England to the North American coast. Listeners will be delighted with these wonderfully narrated accounts of Americas earliest history.

Author: William Wheeler
Narrator: Robin Field
Duration: 2 hours 13 minutes
Released: 10 Mar 2009
Publisher: Mission Audio
Language: English

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