Zak George, Dina Roth Port – Zak George’s Guide to a Well-Behaved Dog

Does your dog bark a lot, pull on the leash, hate to be left alone, or have accidents in the house?

Celebrity dog trainer and YouTube star Zak George creates the most watched dog-training content in the world and has helped millions of people with their dogs. In this problem-based guide, he makes it easy to solve the exact behavioral issue that you’re struggling with – whether youre dealing with a new puppy, an adult dog youve had for years, or a recently adopted rescue.He also helps you prevent many of these problems from becoming established in the first place.Packed with case studies and examples from Zaks videos so you can see his tactics in action, this book contains step-by-step instructions for dealing with:


Jumping up


Play biting


Not listening

Thunderstorm phobia

Separation anxiety


And much more!

Delving deeply into why dogs do what they do and how to work through any problems that might arise, Zak proves that it’s never too late to correct behavioral issues. In this book, he shares his compassionate, modern, science-based approach that has worked with the thousands of dogs hes trained throughout his career.

Author: Zak George, Dina Roth Port
Narrator: Zak George
Duration: 6 hours 46 minutes
Released: 19 Sep 2007
Publisher: Random House Audio
Language: English

User Review:

ping semifinal

this is a terrific book that is clearly written and relatable for all dog owners. He does away with the myths of dominance based dog training and instead promotes a model based on trust, love and scientific principles.